Railway Interiors International

Dedicated to the advancement of passenger railcar and mass-transit interiors, Railway Interiors International features a mix of the most exciting new case studies, in-depth analysis of technological developments and other market trends, top-level interviews and project-focused technical articles. The magazine outlines the latest advances in interior equipment and related services, making it a definitive resource for the buyers and specifiers working on newbuild and refurbishment projects, as well as supporting day-to-day customer service and operations. The targeted circulation database includes key decision-makers and purchasers at every major rail vehicle OEM in Europe and the USA, as well as government authorities, rolling stock leasing companies, maintenance and refurbishment specialists, design firms, operators and component manufacturers around the world.

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Railway Interiors International is the creation of a team with more than 20 years of experience in delivering the world’s leading publications devoted to transport interior design and technology. The other titles in this portfolio include Aircraft Interiors International and Business Jet Interiors International.