Who we are

Mark Allen is a group of operating companies, including MA Healthcare, MA Business, MA Agriculture, MA Education & Music, MA Exhibitions, MA Dentistry Media and MA Financial Media.

Founded in 1985, the group has grown to be a global business with a team of over 400 talented people and a diverse portfolio of market-leading brands, digital products and events providing quality content and information services to specialist business and consumer communities.

Our success is fuelled by our entrepreneurial spirit, creativity and in-depth market expertise.   However, above all, we believe in conducting business in the right way - with honesty, fairness and integrity.

MARK ALLEN, Chairman

What makes Mark Allen so distinctive as a company?

In the accompanying video I explain the three ‘S’ factors which have made us so formidable. It is these distinct features which have given us the edge over the last 35 years.

And why Mark Allen can lay claim to being the most successful family-based publishing and events company which has emerged during this time.

Ben Allen, CEO

As the CEO of the Mark Allen Group, I believe passionately in providing an environment in which people can thrive and achieve their potential.  We are a family owned, entrepreneurial, business – albeit with a team of over 400 – which is acknowledged as being one of the UK’s leading independent media communication companies.    

Our business is in providing quality information to specialist communities.  We do this in a number of ways: in print, through our 100+ magazines and journals; digitally, through our cutting-edge workflow tools and digital products; and in person, through the 200 or so events we organize in 5 continents every year.   

What sets our company apart is the range of sectors in which we operate.  We have market-leading brands in areas ranging from healthcare to farming; from engineering to education; and from social care to music, with many more in between.  The diversity of our portfolio means that we are not hostage to the fortune of any particular sector.

There is no glass ceiling at the Mark Allen Group. If you have drive and ambition, we will provide you with a platform to help you flourish.

Leadership team

Lead by example is an often referenced but largely ignored phrase in the world of business. But at Mark Allen our leaders really do walk the walk. How do we know? Because many of them have risen through the ranks within the company and are therefore engrained in our values and aspirations. We think they’re quite an inspiring bunch.

Our history

We are proud of our heritage and the difference we have made in the many markets we operate within. From just two magazines to a diverse media organisation boasting hundreds of print publications, events and service, we really have come far. Take a look through our timeline to see how we got there.