Research & telemarketing

Our name and brands are known, trusted and respected across our communities. MAG has a team of expert researchers and telemarketers who will canvass specialists on behalf of clients with targeted questions to help better understand audiences and hone sales and marketing campaigns.

Our research & telemarketing services

Research Solutions

We offer a full research service from designing solutions that address specific marketing objectives, to implementing the findings that facilitate action and change.

Lead Generation

Our expertise in telemarketing can enhance your campaign, improving your product marketing effectiveness and allowing you to reach your prospects with ease.

Customer Satisfaction Surveys

We know that a business is nothing without its customers. We can help you gain valuable insight into the opinions that have the power to shape your livelihood.

Delegate Registration Programmes

Our telemarketing operation specialises in research, with access to a comprehensive database of qualified contacts you can be sure that your delegates match your requirements.

Market Analysis/Customer Trends

If you want to understand the depth of your market and the nature of your customers be assured that we can create a research programme based around your business.

Bespoke Projects

Our approach to research, bespoke or otherwise, is based upon a spirit of close partnership with our clients and an emphasis on effective project management.

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