Mark Allen tells Press Gazette that diversification and good content is key to success

Mar 08, 2019

Mark Allen recently sat down for an in-depth interview with Charlotte Tobitt from the Press Gazette and revealed the secret behind the company's revenues increasing by a third in just two years.

In the interview Mark explains that he feels there are two key reasons behind the company's ability "to buck many of the trends going on in publishing".

Firstly, the group's increased diversification of revenue streams (now active in 10 different sectors) means that "if one sector is doing badly, chances are that there's another sector doing well."

Secondly, he underlined the group's commitment to providing high quality editorial for its readers. “If you get the content right – and we spend quite a lot of time trying to do that – then everything else, subscriptions and advertising, will follow it."

You can read the full interview with the Press Gazette here.