Mark Allen supports health professionals with free COVID-19 resources

Dec 07, 2020

Since March, Mark Allen Healthcare has been supporting nurses and health professionals with free content and resources related to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Initially, this webpage contained articles related specifically to the pandemic but has since expanded to include content on personal protective equipment (PPE) and intensive care unit (ICU) skills. The aim of the expanded content was to provide refresher information for health professionals who were redeployed to care for critically ill patients with COVID-19, particularly those who were expected to enter an ICU to treat patients without prior experience.  

The page has had an excellent response from the audiences of our widespread range of healthcare journals, and there has been a high level of engagement on social media as well. One particular tweet from the British Journal of Hospital Medicine reached over 10 000 people, with more than 1500 engaging directly.

Some of the most recent articles on the page include a discussion of how to manage emotional labour during COVID-19, guidance on how to safely wear PPE in a care home, and a student’s reflections on how the pandemic has impacted their educational experience.

By Suzannah Allkins