Mark Allen's novel "Life Term" to be published shortly

Nov 05, 2020

Chairman Mark Allen used some of lockdown to rewrite his first novel, Life Term, which is to be published in mid-March by Colenso Books.

life termPsychiatric nursing, journalism and publishing provide much of the background to the book, which tells the story of a six-year-old boy who is sexually abused, at random, on a riverbank, with devastating consequences. His dysfunctional family are no help.

As an adult, working as a psychiatric nurse, he is unexpectedly confronted with - and takes - the opportunity for revenge. Despite his justifications of the act of revenge, the guilt and shame stay with him, corroding his relationships, and eventually erupting (in a moment of delusion) in a mindless act of violence which brings his life crashing down around him. The public disclosure of his past leads to prison, but also to a kind of resolution as he tracks back on his life.

There is a special offer if you pre-order the book before 15th March, 2021. With postage and package the offer price is £13.98.

Place an order by emailing or phone 01722 716997.