#MAGMEETS – Menopause

Feb 02, 2023

“Not all women will have children, but they WILL go through menopause”.

Natalie Valios, a senior content editor here at Mark Allen Group rightly points out why it’s so important to have a workplace menopause policy alongside the maternity policy which all companies legally have.

❗Hot Flushes
❗Night Sweats
❗Severe Joint Pain
❗Brain Fog
❗Severe Anxiety
❗Mood Swings
❗Racing Heart
❗Lack of Sleep
❗Dry Mouth
❗Pins and Needles
❗Dry Skin

These are just SOME of the symptoms our colleagues are experiencing right now. Not nice, huh?

So, what can we do to support our colleagues, family, and friends?

✔️ Be open, talk about it. All women will go through this at some stage in their life and we spend most of our time at work.
✔️ Review your company policy just as we did and ask yourself are we REALLY supporting our staff?
✔️ Create awareness and let’s knock this subject on the head as being taboo! Talk to the people around you.
✔️ ask, "Are you ok?” this goes a long way…
✔️ Don’t make fun of it.

Watch our latest #MAGMEETS video as Claire Wise talks to Natalie and HR Director Lizzie Conneta