Data management

Data and database management are at the heart of the MAG business. An in-house team continually verifies, enhances and maintains data records to ensure the most accurate and comprehensive data sets and magazine circulations in our markets. MAG’s expert team can also provide bespoke data solutions to help its clients build audience profiles and target hard-to-reach communities.

Our data management services

Bespoke Data Services

We are never happier than when we are developing a new delivery vehicle bespoke to a client's requirement and we have done some clever things in our time.

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Data Audit

Improve your direct marketing activities with a FREE Data Audit. Our service provides you with a comprehensive analysis of your database, highlighting inaccuracies or incomplete data.

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Data Enhancement

The key to an effective database is in the level of information held and the frequency of its validation. Regularly validate your database and improve its performance.

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Data Build/Management

Maintaining a healthy database requires plenty of resource, and building one from scratch can be a daunting exercise. Work with us and take the pain out of both of these tasks.

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Data Analytics

Understanding current customer data is vital to grow a successful business. We can analyse and query your data, so you can focus your efforts more effectively.

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Sales Prospecting

One way to grow sales is to hunt down new customers – wherever they may be. If you know what you are looking for we can find it for you, finding prospects has never been so easy.

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Telemarketing/Lead Generation

Need help conducting research or executing a particular campaign? Our telemarketing team can bring their expertise and knowledge to enhance your marketing activities.

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Mailing Lists

Whether you are sending postal direct marketing or email marketing messages, our mailing list service provides an efficient and effective solution.

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Mailhouse and Fulfilment

We provide a complete array of services from simple collation and dispatch to bespoke printing of the mailer itself (after all we publish magazines too!).

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Data selection tool

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Want to size the opportunity? Create an email campaign? Enhance your CRM database?

Search the market now with our easy to use data selection tool . Just pick the audience, then decide how you want to use the data and for how long. It is as simple as that.

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