Practice Management

Practice Management

Practice Management is the leading source of information for the primary care practice manager to help run the general practice effectively. It features the latest news and innovations, management issues, legal advice and practical support dedicated to the practice manager.

Some of the regularly featured series and columns in the journal include:

  • News bulletin: The latest primary care news and current events that may affect your practice
  • Management matters: Expert insights on the day-to-day management of a busy practice
  • PM essentials: Advice on issues you will face within your practice, such as infection control and patient management
  • Legal: Analysis of important legal matters and guidance on compliance
  • Innovations: Profiles on the latest products and innovative treatments in primary care
  • Last word: Authoritative opinion on a featured topic each month

Practice Management believes that practice managers play a crucial role in the delivery of high-quality primary care and improving outcomes for patients. The magazine aims to support practice managers in their work by ensuring that they have access to the latest analysis and advice.


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