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Mark Allen takes a dive for charity

Published: Wednesday 21 November 2018

For those of you who have been there: you know the feeling. You sit on a ledge of an open door in an airplane 10,000 feet up in the air. There is a moment of terror as you gaze into open space. And then you are hurled into a vortex, swirling in free fall at 120 mph before, 30 seconds later, you are jolted as the parachute opens. You can now start to take in the views and enjoy the experience.
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Nursery World named Best International Early Years Magazine by the Early Childhood Association India.

Published: Friday 08 March 2019

Nursery World has been given an award for Best International Early Years Magazine by the Early Childhood Association India. The award was announced last month at the EarlyEd Asia 2019 conference in Jaipur.

The Early Childhood Association India represents the booming early years sector in the country. Many nurseries in India use the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) curriculum as the basis of their practice, and ECA believes Nursery World is invaluable for educating early years staff about the EYFS. ECA’s mission is to improve training, qualifications and regulations in India’s nurseries and pre-schools, and the award highlights the work of Nursery World in supporting this.

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Mark Allen tells Press Gazette that diversification and good content is key to success

Published: Friday 08 March 2019

Mark Allen recently sat down for an in-depth interview with Charlotte Tobitt from the Press Gazette and revealed the secret behind the company's revenues increasing by a third in just two years.

In the interview Mark explains that he feels there are two key reasons behind the company's ability "to buck many of the trends going on in publishing".

Firstly, the group's increased diversification of revenue streams (now active in 10 different sectors) means that "if one sector is doing badly, chances are that there's another sector doing well."

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Sunday Times recognises MAG for international revenues

Published: Monday 18 February 2019

​Mark Allen Group has been recognised by The Sunday Times as one of the UK's mid-market private companies with the fastest growing international sales.

The International Track 200 league table has been running for 10 years and in that time has featured more than 1,000 companies, including Aston Martin, Fever-Tree and IHS Markit.

The rankings are based on international sales growth over two years and the Mark Allen Group's growth rate of 62% saw the company come in 89th, a rise of seven places from last year.

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Mark Allen discusses growth strategy with InPublishing

Published: Wednesday 13 February 2019

“It’s all about engaging and empowering, rather than micromanaging.”

Following on from the recent acquisition of Rhinegold publishing and its portfolio of music magazines, Mark Allen spoke to Meg Carter from InPublishing about the company's rapid and continued growth over the last 5 years.

Since 2013 the Mark Allen Group has increased its annual turnover from £16m to £43m and is now projecting to hit £50m this year, a year earlier than planned. In a wide ranging interview, Mark discussed how this has been achieved and what challenges this has presented to the company.

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Mark Allen completes deal with Rhinegold

Published: Wednesday 05 December 2018

After several months’ negotiations, the Mark Allen Group (MAG) is pleased to confirm the acquisition of various Rhinegold assets.

These assets include: Choir & Organ, International Piano, Classical Music, Teaching Drama and Music Teacher, as well as the annual British Music Yearbook, the annual British Music Education Yearbook and the Music & Drama Expos in London and Manchester.

In a separate deal, MAG has also acquired from DC Thomson the goodwill of Opera Now, which previously was under licence to Rhinegold.

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The Mark Allen Group reports record results

Published: Wednesday 05 December 2018

Despite all the financial and political uncertainty, the Mark Allen Group continues to shine through the media and Brexit clouds.

The 2017-18 audited accounts show turnover increasing by £6.2 million from £37.1 million to £43.3 million, a rise of 16.8 per cent.

Profit before taxation climbed from £3.7 million to £5 million, with net profit margins increasing from 9.9% to 11.6%.

Similarly, EBITDA improved by an impressive 30.5%, from £5.5 million to £7.2 million.

Executive chairman Mark Allen said: ”I am simply delighted by these excellent results. Ben Allen and his team have worked incredibly hard to produce results like these in a challenging climate.”

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