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New Electronics articles

ARM unveils first cores featuring DynamIQ technology

Published: 29 May 2017

ARM has launched the Cortex-A55 and A75 cores; the first cores to feature its recently announced DynamIQ technology. Ian Smythe, senior director of marketing programmes, noted: “DynamIQ has been developed for AI applications. It brings a redefinition of multiple compute and provides a significant system performance uplift.”

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UltraSOC raises another £5million

Published: 26 May 2017

On chip monitoring and analytics IP developer UltraSoC has completed a £5million funding round that will support the continued deployment of its technology.

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EU collaboration to boost the IoT

Published: 26 May 2017

A collaboration of 13 partners has been announced to form the Necomada consortium, which will focus on integrating electronics into a broader range of everyday items in a bid to widen the scope of the IoT and enable Industry 4.0.

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Light controlled by changing refractive index

Published: 26 May 2017

In a move which parellels the use of electric fields to switch current on and off, researchers from North Carolina State University have developed a technique for controlling light with electric fields.

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