Legal Editor on Community Care Inform

Community Care Inform, the award-winning online learning and practice development tool for social workers, is looking for a legal editor to ensure that its content enables professionals to make legally literate decisions in their practice and stay up-to-date with critical changes in social care law.

The high quality of our legal content has always been one of the unique selling points of Community Care Inform and we are looking to invest in this area to maintain and grow it further. We need an experienced lawyer who is committed to helping social workers do their job better and is also excited about being part of an innovative, digital publishing team.

Reports to: Head of content, Inform Children or deputy editor
Hours: Three days a week, to include one/two days a month in the office
Contract term: Six months with a view to making it a permanent position. This is a new role and we will need to assess the success of it before making it permanent.

Key responsibilities

  • Identifying significant legal judgments of relevance to children’s or adult social care practitioners and writing summaries of these that pull out the key points for social worker practice.
  • Updating legislation content on Community Care Inform Children or Inform Adults to take account of changes in primary legislation, regulations and statutory guidance.
  • Checking all new content with legal elements produced for Community Care Inform Children or Inform Adults - identifying and correcting any inaccuracies or omissions.
  • Keeping legal content on Community Care Inform Children or Inform Adults under review to ensure that it remains up-to-date and relevant to social workers in practice.
  • Producing legal guidance for social workers on Community Care Inform through written guides, podcasts, webinars, Community Care Live sessions or learning exercises.
  • Working with Community Care Inform’s long-standing legal consultant on the above tasks to ensure that the high quality of Inform’s legal content is maintained.
  • Experimenting with other, innovative and unique ways to bring legal learning to the social worker audience particularly through online, digital methods.

Skills required

  • In-depth, up-to-date and practical knowledge of children’s social care law or adult social care law in England and Wales including relevant legislation, regulations and statutory guidance and key case law.
  • In-depth understanding of the workings of the family courts, particularly in relation to public law proceedings but also private law cases involving vulnerable children; or equivalent understanding of the Court of Protection
  • Experience working for local authority legal teams on social care cases and an understanding of the social worker task and the impact on their frontline practice of legal developments.
  • Proven ability to translate complex legal information judgments and concepts into plain English.
  • Strong legal editing skills.
  • A desire to innovate and experiment with different ways of presenting legal information and concepts to ensure effective and memorable learning.